The Southern Crotch

It's that sacred area on a man, between his legs, where the denim of his jeans comes together to form a cross. This space is devoted to the beauty of looking up into the Southern Crotch.

That’s a Wrap

So, that’s it for this blog. Thanks for sharing the ride. You can all go home now. Start following some of the other blogs I listed in my previous post. Or, I don’t know, just go to the big room with the blue ceiling and the really bright light. I think they call it “outside.” :)

A few things I’ve learned from doing this blog:

1. There will always be people who don’t like what you’re doing, and who aren’t shy about telling you. Don’t let them get to you. They are a vocal minority.

2. There are tons of people out there who love what you’re doing, but you probably won’t hear anything from them until you say goodbye. So if you really enjoy someone’s tumblr, let them know! You can’t hear that enough. (This also applies to real life.)

3. The time will come when each of us will quit tumblr and move on to the next stage of our lives. It’s not a bad thing. Change is good. Keep moving forward.

I’d just like to say thank you again to everyone who sent me such nice words of encouragement in the last couple of weeks. Your kindness and appreciation mean more to me than I can express. I don’t think I can comprehend just how big a number 34,773 is. (That’s how many followers my blog has right this minute.) But the outpouring of support from a even fraction of you guys has really touched my heart. Thank you!!!

I look forward to running into you again in a future internet-life. 


Shiny! More old pictures from my GoodBoy days.

A farewell gif(t) to my blog’s followers. I made these years ago. You may have seen them around the net. Thanks for all the fun over the years! See you next time.